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Mother Defiling Iguanas!
United States
In the words of one of my classmates who apparently doesnt like me very much, "This is Naomi. She likes tentacles."

Favourite photographer: Rinyrinri~ (cause otherwise there would be NO pictures of me. Anywhere. At all.)
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch + stealing nieghbors wifi = win
Wallpaper of choice: Random printouts of manga characters from the internet. (this would be the papers on my walls, btw)
Skin of choice: Um... mine?
Favourite cartoon character: Snufkin
Personal Quote: I'm not stupid. I just have command of thoroughly useless information. -Calvin and Hobbes
I recently got a job at a pizza place. A job without a title, apparently, because when I looked at the roster, instead of being a "cook" or a "driver" like ALL of my coworkers are, I'm listed as "other" XD I feel so special.

But anyways, PIZZA. SO MUCH PIZZA, ALL THE TIME. It's ridiculous. And my co-workers are crazy weird. But it's a job, and it's actually pretty fun. So yay, PIZZA!!!
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Starships by Nicki Minaj
  • Reading: Good Omens
  • Watching: Whose Line is it Anyways
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts, finally
  • Eating: PIZZA
  • Drinking: Water. Always water.

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ChoppyKiku Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
Yeah... BTW this is Kelli from Hale. My other account won't let me log on for some reason so I made a new one.
sumeshiryuk Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
hahaha i was wondering if that's what it was. cause the last time this happened it was also you XD
ChoppyKiku Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Because I love your comics! I'm still depressing though... I've stopped taking my pills which my be why, but I haven't had an episode for a while now and I've been off them for a few months now.
sumeshiryuk Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Why did you stop taking them? I remember you saying they made you feel like you weren't yourself, did it get to be that they weren't worth it?
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sumeshiryuk Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
Hello self. I've been messing around in the comments again. Have fun~!
FadingStarlights Featured By Owner May 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
sumeshiryuk Featured By Owner May 28, 2012
IINegativeII Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Little one.!!!
I havent talked to u in such a long time
I miss u. :P
sumeshiryuk Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012
It has been awhile! Since around the holidays, I think :/
How are you??
IINegativeII Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
yes it has D:
last i heard u had to do a lot of holiday
How are u?
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